Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Maleficent- Disney’s newest heroine-villain and proof that female prohibition has come to the Mouse

Angelina Jolie is radiant and delivers a complex performance with diamond-sharp cheekbones playing the role with an exhilarated air that is contagious in this unexpected retelling of the fairy tale, which also features dazzling visuals, a great score and a more than welcome modern message.

Many have criticized the Mouse for its old-fashioned female portrayals but times have changed and Disney is depicting strong female characters no more damsel in distress or homemakers these princesses are saving themselves. Look at the recent animated hit Frozen and now this new take on Sleeping Beauty(spoiler alert) Prince Philip doesn’t save the day in this version. The famous mouse has finally stepped into the modern era.

Now, I am not sure what is wrong with some of those critics out there I thought this movie was entertaining from beginning to end. Not only was “Maleficent” an unbelievable CGI experience but also the director gave the cast the perfect direction so every step and every line was delivered expertly. The directing debut of veteran visual-effects guru Robert Stromberg was a hit; he made Angelina Jolie into the best heroine-villain she could be. Elle Fanning may not be the ravishing beauty that you imagine when you think of Princess Aurora but her smile and almost ethereal presence does the role justice. In short the CGI, acting, and dazzeling special effects begs you to see this on the big screen and if you can handle the extra bucks seeing it in 3-D is one of the few experiences that may be worth your while.

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