Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Amazing Amazing Spider-Man 2…A Sequel Worth Your Time

Sequels generally suck. I can list 10 sequels that are worth my time and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is on the list. Andrew Garfield may be the cutest Spider-Man yet but gives you all the action you need while pulling at your heartstrings. Emma Stone’s off screen romance with Andrew Garfield helps this couple be electric on screen and fulfills the romance needed in any action flick. Jamie Foxx is one bad villain and Dane DeHaan is just creepy…in all the right ways.

With the current craze of turning every movie into a cheap 3-D trick to get you to shell out a few more bucks this is worth your dime. Seeing this in 3-D makes you feel like you are flying from building to building with Spider-Man.

The ending is surprising for many who don’t know all the Spider-Man comics and even if you do Hollywood may still shock you. They definitely leave room for a third installment and with the box office results from the first weekend alone they probably will. As always with all Marvel movies make sure to stay through the credits to see a sneak peak of something new. 

Marvel may have the secret to making fabulous sequels from the Iron Man Trilogy to Captain America. Marvel has 2 sequels in the box office top 10 this weekend and both are grossing millions proving that sequels don’t have to suck. The action junkies have spoken and we want more!  Share your thoughts and reviews at www.yourmediaworld.com.