Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Return of Mars

She’s back! Marshmallows are excited! (Also known as Veronica Mars fans.) Veronica Mars a cult TV series starring Kristen Bell as a quick witted hot shot teen private investigator, has now become a feature film thanks to Kickstarter. The movie hit theaters on Friday and was also available for digital purchase the same day.

The film picks up 9 years later when Veronica is about to take the bar exam and land a great job when she gets pulled back to Neptune when her high school sweetheart is accused of murder.

The movie fulfills all the unresolved issues from the TV series with the same sarcasm and wit as the original TV show. The original cast is all here, the “epic” love story of Veronica and Logan, and even a murder on top of everything else.
 This is not your typical murder mystery you see now there is no CSI involvement it gets resolved with old fashioned sleuthing. While there is some modern tech used the point is the intellect and wit of the main character, Veronica. If you have never seen the show you can definitely see the movie but my advice is see the show, its great. I don’t do spoilers but what I can say is everything is tied up in a bow at the end so you aren’t left questioning but you always want more of Veronica Mars.  Share your thoughts and reviews at www.yourmediaworld.com.

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