Monday, December 30, 2013

Movie Review: American Hustle- Worth your $20 at the movies

If you want to see all movies up for awards this year see American Hustle. Acting is Oscar worthy or at 

least a Golden Globe. Christian Bale is convincing with that come-over and pot belly he has you rolling the entire movie. Amy Addams is amazing witty and charming with her necklines reaching her belly button the entire movie; Bradley Cooper plays a great know it all jerry curl ass, and Jeremy Renner has you rooting for him the entire time. There is even a cameo by Robert De Niro what’s not to love?.

A Scorsese/Goodfellas vibe with the time period and cinematography but with constant laughs and less

blood. This movie has you rooting for the con artist from day one and has a screwed up love story under it all. For being 2 hours long I felt like some things just jumped from 0-100 and other parts dragged a bit they probably could have done this movie in an hour and 40 minutes.

Over all Great costumes, great soundtrack, great acting, great entertainment. See it in theaters. Don’t agree? Share your comments at www.yourmediaworld.com.  

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