Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Movie Review: Enders Game...don’t bother watching this game

Based on the classic novel by Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game is the story of the Earth's most gifted children training to defend their home planet in the space wars of the future. If you haven’t heard of it watch the trailer at www.yourmediaworld.com.

It is hard for any movie based on a book but I think this one was at a disadvantage. The book had a lot of character development and we were allowed to hear the thoughts of the main character, Ender, so we could understand him. Ender is a complicated character and just seeing him on screen without understanding his thoughts doesn’t explain why he does what he does. The movie also fails to demonstrate what a brilliant strategist he is, they just say look what he is doing its brilliant, which is a let down to say the least. Furthermore since a movie doesn’t get your time for more than 2 hours you don’t get to understand the development of each of the characters with Ender and why they come to respect him. In the movie they just suddenly start. Since this is a war movie and he has to lead understanding how smart he is and why they respect him is important. Ender and his friends must save the world and they do it without knowing it, essentially they tell them they are just playing a game when in actuality its real war ships and they are killing enemies and friends alike. They find out afterward and have to deal with the consequences of all those deaths on their hands. Since they are some sort of “super children” with genius IQ’s the majority of them are not phased by the deaths.  Ender is left to deal with the morality of the situation and what he has done. The ending of the movie shows Ender’s morality and leaves room for a sequel, as there are four books in the series so far, but I won’t be seeing a sequel.

The movie does get to boast a great cast Harrison Ford, Viola Davis, Ben Kingsley, and Asa Butterfield (star of Hugo). Unfortunately, a great cast can’t always guarantee a great movie. Even though this movie is number one at the box office right now I say skip it wait until it comes out on cable. While the scenery is great to see on a big screen I still say wait until its on repeat on TNT.  Don’t agree? Think you should run out and see it? Share your thoughts and reviews at www.yourmediaworld.com.

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