Sunday, November 17, 2013

Man of Steel out for rent this week

Not in the mood for romance or romantic comedies this week? Me neither and all the new release seem to be that Best Man Holiday or About time or is it just freezing outside all the more reason I say stay home and curl up with whatever is the latest streaming rental.  And that latest streaming or on DVD would be Man of Steel. Some of you super Superman fanatics may have seen it but not me the review on www.yourmediaworld.com convinced me to wait until its was available for rent.

Man of Steel has an all-star cast Henry Cavill as Super Man and Amy Addams as Lois Lane. Not to mention Super Man has two infamous fathers Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe.  Even with this remarkable cast the movie is just so-so. The movie develops a new side of Super Man one we didn’t see with the original Christopher Reeves version. Also builds a new Lois Lane story where she is more involved and Super Man’s real father plays a bigger role. The problem with everything being more elaborate and everyone having a bigger part makes the movie longer and more drawn out. While there was action throughout it just tended to drag on. For the girls that watch the action movies for the eyecandy and romance only 1 of these is delivered. Henry Cavill looks amazing but the romance between Superman and Lois Lane is just not there.  So if you want some action for 143 minutes (although it seems like more) and you want to see the new take on Superman you will be mildly entertained just don’t have such high expectations.

This movie didn’t live up to what Warner Brothers was trying to do, build a new franchise as they did with Batman/Dark Knight but they  are already working on a another movie with this Man of Steel this one is Batman vs Superman. Unfortunately, they cast Ben Affleck as Batman…you would think he would know better from his previous superhero attempt.  I guess that will be another rental.

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