Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie Review: The Counselor...you don't need this Counselor

An all star cast, an indisputably great author, Cormac McCarthy,and an acclaimed director, Ridley Scott, but the movie is still only 2 stars. Why? The story line is lacking, explicit violence, and uncomfortable sex scenes, as in Cameron Diaz having sex with a car. Yes you read that right sex with a car!  www.yourmediaworld.com

The writing is remarkable there are a few scenes that are just poetry and it is endlessly quotable, “You don’t know someone until you know what they want,” but it is so wordy you can’t even absorb half of it.  Michael Fassbender plays the counselor and said in a recent interview that he read the script and thought “this is a real treat… an amazing writer trying his first screenplay….when are we doing this?”  He must have gotten lost in the words and just thought how can a Cormac McCarthy script be bad? Well, here is proof it can. The story line falls short as I was watching I kept waiting for something I felt like there was something missing like it was building to a point but didn’t deliver. 

The basis of the movie is cocaine trading on the Texas Mexico border and of course the deal goes awry and everyone is running for their lives from the Mexican Drug Cartel or a double-crossing greedy girlfriend. From then on its beatings, killings, grisly decapitations with horror movie like blood spurting sprinkled with conversations with priests and morality.  

Great actors, great director, and a great writer does not a great movie make. Don’t bother rushing to the theater to see this wait until it comes out on cable.  Don’t agree? Share your thoughts at www.yourmediaworld.com.

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