Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

If you have read the book you might be somewhat disappointed, I was. But what book that was made into a movie have you ever felt “Yea that was soo good it was exactly what I pictured as I read it”?

I felt they made Percy way to insecure and didn’t play up all the strengths and contributions of Annabeth who is always such a strong female force in the books. I don’t understand why Hollywood feels the need to make changes from the book that doesn’t add any real value to the story line. True all the actors have grown since the first movie and done other movies so the acting was better and the movie was definitely action packed.  However on the scale of movie to books and just in general I would say 3 stars max.

If you haven’t read the series it’s a definite must for you and kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, babysitting whatever. It’s good entertainment and a great way to introduce them to Greek Mythology in a modern way.
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