Friday, July 5, 2013

Leave The Lone Ranger Alone

Johnny Depp’s Tonto wears a dead crow on his head and that is the perfect metaphor for this movie... That was 149 minutes of my life I am not going to get back. I saw this opening night and I expected to hear laughter and maybe some applause but all I heard was crickets and popcorn.

“The Lone Ranger” stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer but I don’t know why Armie Hammer bothered to show up I don’t think he delivered. Depp was his usual aloof, weird yet strangely entertaining self however; this part is especially strange for him.   Helena Bonham Carter also makes a small guest appearance and adds a good spark of color that was lacking but not enough to save the movie. Depp and Carter have done lots of successful movies together and Depp’s character always kills Carter’s, perhaps if killed her this time it might have helped save the movie…but I doubt it.

The movie was flat. Same physical comedy scenes we have seen repeatedly in multiple movies. Typical love triangle, good guy is a bad guy, and justice in the end. The story line was not developed well and took too long to resolve; by the time it got to the climax I wanted it to be over.  If you must watch this because you are compelled to see every Depp movie I say wait until you can stream it for free. But that’s just my opinion go to www.yourmediaworld.com and share yours.

While this is a comedy and a Disney movie it’s still a Western and the amount of violence in the movie leads me to think twice about the PG-13 rating for any kids in my family.  This movie takes you back to the time of Cowboys and Indians and there is some of that racist fear and slaughtering of Native Americans. All these things lead me to think maybe it’s only PG-13 because Disney’s name is on it?? What do you think it should be rated? Go to www.yourmediaworld.com and share your ratings.

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