Monday, July 22, 2013

Are you seeing Red Too?

Red 2 coming in 5th opening weekend as the Conjuring conjured up the first spot. Wow that was a cheesy line but it was true. Honestly, did anyone expect Red 2 to make a big splash? 

Horror is not my thing and I wasn’t in the mood for cartoons so that left me with Red 2. Not a bad choice with an all-star cast Bruce Willis, Mary Louis-Parker, Helen Mirren, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and John Malkovich.  With that all star cast how can this not be killing it at the box office? Well there are all those other big movies out now…and I think its because everyone already knew what to expect. Same concept of older bad ass spies. While that is exciting the story line is what it is. Or do you think I’m being to harsh? www.yourmediaworld.com

 Malkovich stole the movie he was hilarious from scene one. Not only his crazy outfits but some of the stuff from his mouth made you laugh out loud not just an LOL. And the action was there…to a point where there were just toooo many unbelievable action scenes.

But the question is does this rank high enough in the summer box office for your $20 at the movies. Probably not. I say wait until it hits the Redbox.  That’s my opinion share yours and find new movies books or games at www.yourmediaworld.com

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