Sunday, June 23, 2013

Louboutins, Chanel, and Paris Hilton Oh My- The Bling Ring

Louboutins, Chanel, and Paris Hilton Oh My! The Bling Ring at best should be a TV movie, maybe good enough for HBO but not bad enough for Lifetime movie of the week. In case you don’t know Sofia Coppola directs The Bling Ring, the true story of bored rich kids that track celebrities on the Internet in order to steel from them (based on the Vanity Fair article "The Suspect Wore Louboutins" byNancy Jo Sales). Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and Leslie Mann (This is 40) lead a cast of unknowns acting like shallow, fame obsessed idiots. The acting is spot on the cast is superb at portraying a group of self-entitled brats.

I admit I laughed out loud a few times at the shallow comments, the male lead wearing hot pink
Louboutins, and the sheer absurdity of Paris Hilton’s House (Paris actually let them use her house to film as the teens stole the most from her). As a self-proclaimed fashionista I did love seeing all the fashion and closets of the famous. Otherwise there wasn’t much to this movie: a bunch of teens partying, doing drugs and steeling. Don’t bother renting wait until it shows up on cable or Netflix and you have a 1-½ hrs. to waste for a bunch of self-entitled people and a glimpse of some Hollywood closets

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